High-fidelity PA Amplifier & Conference Amplifier System



    PA-625/DPL/REC Conference & PA Integrated Amplifier
  • Maximum Output Power:360W
  • External Equalizer Available
  • Monitor Output
  • Microphone Priority
  • Phantom Power Switch
  • Contact Power On
  • Conference Power Input for Series Connection
  • 2 Speaker Circuit Zone Control allow All & Individual Zone Broadcast
  • Installed with Detachable Digital Player With CDmp3/USB Drive/SD Memory Card
  • 具Recorder功能,可做為會議、演講、教學等聲音記錄

Power Supply AC110/230V,DC24V
Frequency Response 85Hz-20KHz
Input Terminal MIC Input Sensitivity -58dB±3dB×3 6.3Ø
AUX Input Sensitivity -15dB±3dB×3 RCA
MIC-1-2 XLR Balance & 6.3Ø Unbalance Combo Input Located at Back Panel
Conference System Series Connection Input ×1  6.3Ø Stereo
Amplifier Input ×1  6.3Ø
Output Terminal Pre-amplifier output ×1  6.3Ø
Treble Control 10KHz±10dB
Bass Controls 100Hz±10dB
Recorder Output ×1 RCA
Microphone Priority MIC 1,With Microphone Priority Function
Output (Ω) 4Ω,8Ω
Monitor Output 4Ω(5W)
High Impedance Output (V) 70V,100V(XLR Balance & 6.3Ø Unbalance Combo Input Located at Back Panel)
Harmonic Distortion Ratio 1% Below
Signal To Noise Ratio -76dB Above
Dimension (Containing Parts) (W)420×(D)383×(H)145mm
*Related to Product uninterrupted growth, the design or dimension changes are without prior notice