1U Dual-Channel Digital Wireless Microphone with Interference Free Auto Search Functions

  • 2.4GHz-ISM band stable digital FSK modulation circuitry. All frequencies are located in this band.
  • With the FHSS frequency-hopping technique, each channel has 4 preset hopping frequencies.
  • By using an adaptive tracking algorithm, it can skip the Wi-Fi frequency in use and effectively avoid interference
    from 2.4GHz communication products.
  • The hopping frequencies skip most of the Wi-Fi frequencies.
  • With dual tuner true diversity receiving, the receiving distance is up to 60 meters with no signal drop-out.
  • The precisely designed PCB is enclosed in a sturdy case.
  • The antennas are fixed at the left / right side of the rear panel.
  • The transmitter has a high-efficiency circuitry design.
*Related to Product uninterrupted growth, the design or dimension changes are without prior notice