PA-624IP IP Broadcasting System

  • Build in UHF PLL 200CH wireless microphone system with auto scan & IR synchronizes functions. The volume control is independent to each internal & extemal audio source (wireless receivers, auxiliary & wired mic inputs) with one master tone control (bass & treble) to all.
  • Internet broadcast system through the (Intranet/Internet) link network speaker.
  • For network radio, broadcast area is divided into vocal broadcast and scheduled broadcast, vocal broadcast is through the PC on the microphone input sound, broadcast to the radio point there is a scheduled broadcast function is pre-stored in the sound file at a specified time to broadcast to the broadcast point.
  • Can be more at the same time broadcast points/ groups for broadcasts, for different broadcast points/ groups of individual audio files, editable group functions in order to use through the set can be a single speaker or a number of speakers to do grouping.
  • Compared to the traditional broadcast system is simple, do not have to buy amplifiers, music players, etc.
  • In the existing the network environment does not need to re-wiring, network broadcast system host and network speakers can be set to each other use, for the traditional speakers can be retained, the expansion of the machine is using the microphone amplifier, and the broadcastside is excellent that the first power will automatically cut off after the broadcast is opened.

IP Broadcasting system


Supply source:AC 220~240V/60Hz DC 24V

Output:8 ohm, 70V, 100V

Frequency response:MIC 77Hz~19KHz +/-3dB;AUX 74Hz~19KHz+/-3dB

Record output:1V @100 ohm

Input sensitivity:MIC -64dB+/-3dB;AUX -30dB+/-3dB

Tone control:BASS -12dB~+12dB/100Hz;TREBLE -13dB~+11dB/10KHz

S/N ratio:>-85dB+/-3dB

T.H.D:<0.6% @ 1KHz, rated power


Power consumption:495VA


Dimension:420(W) x 379(D) x 96(H)mm

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