HU-7200IV UHF 4CH Wireless Microphone System

HU-7200IV HYLEX UHF Quad-band wireless microphone / 4 wireless hand microphone / 100+100 group channel / compliant cabinet (1U) / infrared frequency / automatic frequency sweep does not interfere with channel / double "Pilo Tone & NoiseLock" and RF circuit noise / LCD Display working status and battery power / accessories 6 choice 1 / family gathering, happy singing partner, teaching a good helper / one year warranty / Taiwan manufacturing

‧ Infrared frequency function, accurate and fast frequency synchronization to the transmitter.
‧ Quickly set the built-in 100+100 group priority at the same time, without interfering with the channel.
‧High-brightness LCD LCD window, the working status is clearly displayed.
‧Light touch volume and function operating system for easy setup and operation.
‧ Predictive antenna tuning receiving technology, audio lock code is accurate.
‧ Smart battery display to ensure uninterrupted power.

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