WMS-1943W(single) black 30W 4-inch broadcast dedicated wall-mounted speaker

WMS-1943B(single) black 30W 4-inch broadcast dedicated wall-mounted speaker

We developed WMS-1943 to redefine a new design trend for wall mount speakers market where beauty, durability, performance and user friendliness come as one core concept right from the initial stage of the product design.

you can do whatever you want, at any angle, close to the humanized installation needs!!

Putting WMS-1943 together is super easy, because every necessary parts, the front grill, the elegant back covers comes with a hassle free “Snap On” design. You can say goodbye to glue based assembly.

A state of the art bass radiator design using Hylex exclusive optimal bass enhancement Technology that will deliver an outstanding deep and clear bass audio experience even without any extra subwoofer support.


Model WMS-1943W
Woofer 4”x 2
Tweeter 1”x 1
Frequency response 135Hz~20KHz ± 3dB
Sensitivity 85dB ±3dB
Impedance 8 Ω
Material ABS
100V line 30W / 100V & 70V IN
Dimensions 201(H)×348(W)×218(D) mm
Weight 3.2KG(PC)

*Related to Product uninterrupted growth, the design or dimension changes are without prior notice 


型錄下載 DM Download

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