A-800DPLb Hi-Fi Amplifier

A-800DPLb Hi-Fi Amplifier (USB,SD,BT)/MAX output 50W/Application: small commercial space, shops, small classrooms, meeting rooms, cafes, convenience stores

  • Maximum output power: 50W + 50W (4 ~ 16Ω)
  • With digital player Bluetooth, (USB / SD)
  • Independent adjustment of left and right channel volume
  • ECHO with digital echo

Rated output power: 50W + 50W

Power supply voltage AC: 110V / 60Hz

Frequency response: 25Hz-20KHz

Total harmonic distortion: less than 0.5%@1KHz

Input sensitivity: Microphone: 9mV / 600Ω; Auxiliary: 250mV / 47KΩ

Fore stage signal output: 500mV

Bass Microphone: + 10dB ~ -10dB at 100Hz / Music: + 10dB ~ -10dB at 100Hz

Treble microphone: + 10dB ~ -10dB at 10KHz / music: + 10dB ~ -10dB at 10KHz

Output impedance: 4 ~ 16Ω

Total power consumption: 100W

Weight (kg): 2.9Kg

Dimensions (mm): 284 (W) × 275 (D) × 78 (H) mm (including parts)

*Related to Product uninterrupted growth, the design or dimension changes are without prior notice

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