PA-6010 Rechargeable UHF Portable Teaching Amplifier

PA-6010 Rechargeable UHF Dual Band Wireless/Wired Portable Teaching Amplifier

Scope of application:

Indoor and outdoor: teaching, sales promotion, dance club camping, group health activities, small speeches, elections...

Maximum output power: 65 watts


●A portable PA broadcasting system with sleek and solid appearance design and perfect high-fidelity sound quality.

●Built-in dual-frequency UHF/PLL-16 wireless receiving system.

●Provide a set of Ø6.3mm wired MIC input terminal block and a set of wired + wireless microphone independent volume adjustment / a set of wireless microphone independent volume adjustment.

●Microphone echo control, independent treble and bass adjustment, and the sound quality is completely designed according to the professional system.

●Built-in multimedia player: USB/TF card/BT with remote control, and can directly record to TF card or USB flash drive (capacity depends on TF card, USB capacity)

●65W powerful output power, clear and loud, covering a wide range of sound field.

●Built-in lithium battery, with power charging protection circuit design, please charge immediately after each use, the use time is about 9~10 hours depending on the volume (with battery weak current warning light).

●Provide a set of Ø3.5mm LINE IN terminal block (AUX IN), a set of Ø3.5mm (PHONE OUT) and a set of external 8Ω speaker RCA terminal block




PA-6010(Rated Output Power:65W)

Power Source :

ADT DC:15V-3A/ Lead-acid battery12V/4400mAh


Mic×1 6.3Ø / AUX 3.5Ø×1


8Ω speaker RCA / AUX 3.5ѓ×1

Wireless Receiving modeule:


Battery usage time :

charging of 8-9 hr

Battery usage time :

use of 9-10 hr

Dimensions :

(W)215 × (D)215 × (H)310mm

Weight :


N C C 號



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