PA-550 Portable PA Speaker Amplifier System & Microphone Set

PA-550 Portable PA Speaker Amplifier System & Microphone Set with BT Wireless Streaming, Rechargeable Battery - Works with Mobile Phone, USB, TF Card, MP3 Player/echo

power supply for mobile phones

Portable ‧ shoulder carrying (with strap)
40W high power output, clear and loud sound, wide range of sound field
Built-in lithium battery, unique power supply protection circuit design, please charge immediately after use (with battery weak indicator)
With 3.5 Ø LINE IN x 1 & 3.5 Ø PHONE OUT x 1
Built-in UHF wireless receiving system, 50M ultra long distance receiving & 2 sets of 6.3Ø wired microphone input terminal
Independent volume control button → total volume, wired microphone, wireless microphone
Microphone priority & ECHO & independent high and low sound adjustment
Can be recorded directly to TF card or USB

Three choices of accessories
【1】Handheld Microphone、【2】Headset Microphone、【3】Lavalier Microphone

Model :PA550 (UHF Wireless Microphone)
Rated output :Max 40W
Speaker :5.25" Full Range Speaker
Battery Configuration :
DC 7.4V / 4400mAH x 4 Lead-acid battery
Sound Input :Mic x 2 6.3Ø / AUX 3.5 Ø x 1
Sound Output :4Ω Speaker / RCA / Phone 3.5 Ø x 1
Wireless Receiving modeule :PLL-16CH(505~757MHz)
MP3 :TF Card / USB / BT
Battery usage time :charging of 8-10 hr, use of 8 hr
Dimenaion :(W)228mm × (D)140mm × (H)313mm
Weight :2.3Kg(accessories)
Wireless module : (Optional 3 to 1)

【1】Handheld Microphone HUM-064T × 1

【2】Headset Microphone HUM-067 × 1+ A-09AUS × 1

【3】Lavalier Microphone HUM-067 × 1 +KM-52US × 1 

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