PA-H35WII Handy Type Wired Wireless Portable PA Amplifier

PA-H35WII Portable‧Shoulder / rechargeable / Wireless radio amplifier UHF 16CH wireless microphone / USB, Bluetooth, SD card (with remote control) / ECHO function / Recordable

High brightness with LED light
Lightweight, streamlined shape with high fax perfect sound quality.
Easy to carry, can be carried by hand, shoulder (with strap).
With high-brightness LED light, it can be used as an emergency flashlight.
65W high power output, clear and loud sound, wide sound field coverage.
Built-in lithium battery, with power charging protection circuit design, please charge immediately after each use, the use time is about 8 ~ 10 hours depending on the volume (with battery low-power warning light).
One set of 3.5 Ø LINE IN (AUX IN) and one set of 3.5 Ø (AUX OUT).
Built-in UHF wireless receiving system, 50M ultra-long distance reception & 1 set of 6.3Ø wired microphone input terminal, a set of music volume adjustment buttons and independent volume adjustment of wired / wireless microphone.
Microphone ECHO echo control, independent high and low adjustment, professional sound system design.
Record directly to SD card or USB
Choose one of three accessories
[1] Handheld microphone, [2] Headset microphone, [3] Lavalier microphone


Model :

PA-H35WII (UHF wireless microphone / built-in ECHO function)

Rated Output Power:

Max 65W


6.5" Full range speaker unit

Power Source :

1.AC(IN):100V~250V / 50~60Hz

2.DC(IN):12V / 4400mAh Lead-acid battery

3.External DC stabilized power supply 12V-2.5A

Input :

Mic x 1 6.3Ø / AUX 3.5 Ø x 1

Output :

8Ω Speaker / RCA / AUX 3.5 Ø x 1

Wireless Receiving modeule:

PLL-16CH(UHF 620~670MHz) / Operating distance: 50 meters

MP3 Player :

SD / USB port/ BT

Battery usage time :

charging of 5-7 hr, use of 8-10 hr

Dimensions :

(W)318mm × (D)175mm × (H)213mm

Weight :

2.3Kg(Including accessories)

Wireless module : (Optional 3 to 1)

[1] Handheld microphone HUM-064T × 1

[2] Headset microphone HUM-067 × 1 + A-09AUS × 1

[3] Lavalier microphone HUM-067 × 1 + KM-52US × 1

N C C :

CCAH12LP0052T7 / CCAH12LP0112T2

*Related to Product uninterrupted growth, the design or dimension changes are without prior notice

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